The Veil of Gods story universe spans millennia and crosses from one universe to another.

Our own universe has been claimed by and is inexorably being guided toward its fate by the God who won it, but it still has a part to play in the battle for Thrace.

The world of Thrace is in the throes of determining it’s one true God, a decision that can only be forged in the fires of conflict. While twelve Gods originally vied for control, only two remain in the contest: Marak du Tren, God of War, and Marnier du Shae, Goddess of Healing.

While only one of the two Gods can win, the others still seek to influence events through the support of their followers, hoping for concessions from the winner.

When the agreed conditions are met, Noramgaell, the final battle will begin.

Soon to be published in early 2018 – Divine Prey, the beginning of the end: Noramgaell.

To be published by mid 2018 – Epicentre, the story of Grace, a reluctant mermaid, who doesn’t realise how important she really is in the greater scheme of things.


The Veil of Gods novels including The Normagaell Saga, Leviathan's Dawn books, and Through the Veil

The timelines of the novels within the Veil of Gods story universe